Amidst the lockdown, a well-known automobile industrialist chartered a private plane from Mumbai to Bengaluru to adopt a golden retriever pup from a kennel in Hennur

Source: Bored Panda

Sources at Kempegowda International Airport confirmed that the industrialist and his family were carrying reports of their samples that tested negative for the novel coronavirus.

Source: Holidog Times

India Today reports that there was a brief altercation between the airport officials and the industrialist as the reports in their possession were not issued by an ICMR-recognised laboratory. But the authorities rechecked and found them to be authentic. 

Source: Business Traveller

After a halt of two hours, the private jet flew back to Mumbai with a new four-legged, fluffy addition to the industrialist family. 

Source: Pet Place

This is however not the first time that a doggo is setting foot on a private jet during the lockdown. A couple of days ago, another private jet was hired by pet owners to airlift their stranded pets during the pandemic