With each passing day, we become more conscious of how low we have sunk as human beings, and just when we think nothing can get much worse, we are hit by yet another piece of news.

In one of the blood-curdling incidents, a two-month-old infant was found dead inside a microwave oven in Chirag Dilli region of south Delhi. Reason: She was a girl.


The incident was reported to the police on Monday when the hospital informed them about the death of a 2-month-old newborn. All angles are being investigated, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Benita Mary Jaiker, and a murder case has been filed against unknown persons.

Despite the fact that no arrests have been made in the case so far, the infant’s mother is the primary suspect. The officer stated that she is being interrogated at the police station and that further investigation is ongoing.

The child’s father was near their home at the time of the tragedy, working at a department shop that he runs.


A neighbour told the reporters that the noise in the area woke him up because the child’s mother had locked herself inside the house. Another neighbour claimed that after combing the area for some time, a group of them arrived at the house’s terrace, where they discovered an unlatched room. He added,

They entered the room and found the child inside a microwave oven,” he said, adding that they then informed the police about the incident. 

The mother, according to some reports, was distraught about the birth of a girl child.

Absolutely soul-crushing.