Content warning- The following article contains mention of suicide and can be triggering. The visuals may be disturbing. Discretion is advised.

We have often seen influencers making prank videos with parents or friends. But this influencer from Mumbai has created a video faking his death has caused some serious concerns for all of us. What level of insensitivity does it take to fake your own death and post it on platforms?

Enacting a suicide stunt by sitting on the railway track, Iffy Khan, with 44.8k followers, shared the video on his social media. The video was shot in bits that looked like a suicide.


The video was shot on the railway tracks between Bandra and Khar railway stations on Friday afternoon and was spotted online on Saturday at 4pm.

After the video was shared on Twitter, it was quickly noticed by the police. 

Mumbai railway police commissioner Quaiser Khalid told Times of India,  “After the video was posted on the GRP’s Twitter page, a team tracked the accused to Bandra. The team reached his house but he was not present there. The action was initiated so that no one will provoke anyone with such a dangerous and scary act.” 

Irfan made the video to gain more followers. He was charged under section 336 of the Indian Penal Code, for committing an act to endanger the lives of others and himself, and section 188, for disobedience of order.

He was also booked under section 505 (1) for publishing or circulating any statement containing a rumour or alarming news with the intent to incite to commit an offence, and under the Indian Railways Act, for nuisance and trespassing.

“I made it for entertainment purposes. It was a mistake, My intention was never bad or to encourage people to (die by) suicide.” he told Vice World.

I think one must realise the difference between what’s funny and what’s not. Suicide is a real mental illness that claims thousands of lives in the country. We have one of the higher suicide mortality rates in the world and that in itself is reason to take it seriously and help those in need. Using such sensitive issues as subject for the sake of some ‘content’ should never be encouraged, no matter what.