After issuing an advisory on December 11 following violence in the North East, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry on Friday issued a second advisory to all private television channels. 

The updated advisory has asked them to refrain from broadcasting news that can instigate violence or promotes anti-national attitudes. 

Indian Express

The first advisory was issued after the Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha. 

In reference to that, the second advisory said: 

It is observed that notwithstanding the above advisory, some TV channels are telecasting content which does not appear to be in the spirit of the Programme Codes specified therein. 

The advisory refers to the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act of 1995 that prevents TV channels from broadcasting content that can affect the integrity of a nation. 

Hours after the the first advisory was issued, The Editors Guild of India had sought its withdrawal calling it “regressive”. 

Indian Express

The Editors Guild believed that the media’s overall commitment is to responsibly cover developments in the country and that it should not be questioned. 

In a statement, they said: 

It is the media’s responsibility to report freely and truthfully and fairly. The Guild decries such a regressive advisory that interferes in the functioning of a free media, and urges the government to withdraw it.

Condemning the set of events unfolding in the country, after the passing of the CAA, Bloomberg correspondent Iain Marlow said: 

The Citizenship Amendment Act grants citizenship to persecuted non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, provided they have resided in India for six years. The cut-off date is December 31, 2014.