Five boys in Hyderabad have been arrested on Wednesday for the inhuman and barbaric act of tying three puppies together and burning them alive. 

They even had the audacity to film the entire torture and upload it on social media.

The sadistic men can be seen torturing those three poor puppies, tying them upside down and throwing them into the fire, much to their amusement.

Those puppies yelping and screaming in pain will fill you up with rage. 

Watch the video below:


This is the second such case of animal cruelty after two final year MBBS students threw a five-month old dog off the roof in Chennai recently.

But what’s even worse, is that these five men can simply get away by paying a paltry sum of Rs. 50 as fine. 

This yet again highlights how old our animal welfare laws are and the need to revamp them at the earliest. But the chances of that are slim because animals aren’t vote banks. 

Hope better sense prevails among our Parliamentarians.  

More details on this shocking incident are awaited.

(Feature image source: Twitter | @CNNNews18)