Indian Naval Officer Abhilash Tomy who was injured while participating in the Golden Globe Race has been rescued and shifted to the French Fishing Vessel, Osiris.

Indian Express

He will soon be picked by Indian Navy’s stealth frigate INS Satpura that will take him to Mauritius for further medical care. 

But you’ll be astonished to know the amount of dedication displayed by Alok Ananda, Captain of INS Satpura, who lost his father the same day he was assigned the task of rescuing Navy Commander Tomy.

Times Now

INS Satpura, under the command of Captain Alok Ananda, was at sea somewhere in the Indian Ocean when he was tasked to rescue Captain Tomy. Alok turned his frigate towards the last known position of the stranded sailor. 

Deccan Chronicle

As his ship gained speed and cruised on high seas in the rough weather, Alok’s father who was seriously ill, breathed his last at his hometown in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

We salute Captain Alok for his dedication and commitment to national duty despite this personal tragedy.