Rape isn’t just a crime against women, it’s a crime against humanity, it’s a crime against a country and against the very idea of freedom. A rising crime rate against women is any country’s number one crisis above everything else. As per the National Crime Records Bureau 2013, around 25,000 rape cases were reported across India in the year 2012.


And it was in December 2012 that the gruesome rape-murder of Nirbhaya shook the conscience of the entire nation. It was a tragedy that brought together every single Indian in a protest that received international attention.


However, it seems that the men who are in charge of our country have a completely different attitude towards the incident. India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley trivialised the horrific incident by calling it a small incident that was detrimental to Indian tourism.

It’s very reassuring to know that the men who we have voted to protect and serve us consider ‘money’ above a national tragedy.

Of course like every single politician who spews something insensitive, Mr. Jaitley too followed it up with an apology. He said that he “regrets that my words were construed as insensitive”.

The internet however was not willing to let this comment go unnoticed.

And they responded like this:

Next time any minister or leader wishes to make a crass, insensitive and thoughtless remark about a grave crime that’s ripped at the very soul of our nation, there should be zero tolerance towards them. Because if you can’t know the pulse of your own nation, then you don’t deserve to run it.

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