In a shocking incident a man was seen beating up a young girl on the streets of Bengaluru, while a crowd watched on. Two girls who were passing by in their car, stopped and saw the incident and the crowd surrounding it. They tried to intervene as the man was kicking the girl in her groin, slapping her continuously. That is when one of the girls from the car managed to untangle the girls hair from the man’s grip.

The two girls – Nivedita Chakraborty and Archana Sharad took the girl and sat within the safety of their car. This is when they came to know that the man was actually the girl’s father and a sub-inspector with the Madurai police. The father had found out about the girl’s alleged affair, and thinking she had brought shame to her family – this man took to the streets for moral policing his daughter. The worst part? The girl’s mother, a teacher, was a silent spectator throughout the entire episode.

The man sat on the car’s bonnet and refused to move until the daughter came out. The girls called the local police and took the man and his family to Ulsoor Police Station. Just a week after the release of the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ – this is one incident that retraces its steps to India’s shoddy moral policing and the misogyny that lies our veins for attacking women in such a grotesque manner. If a man who has taken an oath to uphold the law behaves like this , and a ‘teacher’ lets such an incident happen in front of her eyes without protest, are we living such a regressive time? What do we expect out of normal citizens? So many unanswered questions.

This incident is being reported on the basis of Nivedita’s Facebook post here .