A picture that has gone viral on social media shows an MP saluting a police officer. While people are divided over whether or not it was as per protocol, there's an interesting story behind the picture.

Source: The Week

The MP in the picture is Gorantla Madhav, former Circle Inspector, Kadiri from Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh. He is seen saluting his former senior police officer.

According to a report by The Week, the photo was taken at a polling centre when counting of votes was underway and Madhav met the DSP there.

Source: Sakshi Post

 On being asked why did he salute his former boss, Madhav said:

"I saluted the DSP first and then he responded to me. I adore him. It was mutual respect between us."
Source: The Hindu

He entered into politics after having a heated argument with TDP leader and former MP from Anantapur, JC Diwakar Reddy over his controversial and derogatory remarks about the police force.

Source: The Hindu

Twitter was abuzz with praising the MP for his respectful gesture.

Hoping to see him work towards formulation of better laws and policies in the Parliament.