Most people, irrespective of where they come from, have at least one family WhatsApp group where the forwards are sent by a dozen. 

And sometimes, they are bizarre AF. 

From Stephen Hawking being an Indian to the benefits of gobar, these groups will tell you the weirdest facts and they are written with so much conviction, that sometimes you’re really like – ‘could this be true?’.

Like, will I die if I wash my hair after 12 AM and sleep? 

Now things take a completely different turn when these messages become political. With things getting serious after nation-wide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Bill and possible passage of NRC, it is important to put across the right message, in the right manner.

This is where the Instagram page so done chilling will come in handy. It has posts that you can send to your family groups, in response to their good morning messages and catch them off guard. For instance:

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You can share these posts to break some common misconceptions:

And share important data in the manner your relatives will find pleasing.

You can wish good morning and good night, while making your point – which is great right?

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So, go on, follow their page and make WhatsApp University great again.