Even in the 21st century, people of marginalized communities are treated differently. In India alone, Dalit people have been demeaned and killed in the worst of cases but, their issues are still not talked about openly. 

As much as we would like to deny it, caste discrimination still exists in our country. 

Speaking of which, this Instagram post by ourdirtyunderwear sheds light on how we can learn to educate ourselves on the problems that the backward classes face. In a series of steps, this post educates us on how we can help to improve their situation and recognise their problem. 

First, the post describes what ‘Allyship’ means. It says, it is a process of building relationships based on trust. 

Next, the post talks about how we must educate ourselves on the topic before making our opinions. It stresses on the importance of being mindful and doing our own research on the topic.  

It also talks about being open-hearted and confronting our biases before we start pointing fingers. 

Of course, it is also important to listen and to let our Dalit friends speak about their experiences so that we learn about their issues instead of silencing them. 

We must also talk to our elders to try and change pre-conceived notions that they might have about the particular community. 

The post also talks about bringing change within our households. Small things like appreciating and treating our Dalit friends with respect, can go a long way. 

And, finally the post ends with this compelling question. 

Something worth pondering upon. 

All images sourced from this Instagram account.