We are facing one of the toughest times in recent human history. The coronavirus outbreak has brought our lives to a halt. While most of India is under lockdown, there are people – doctors, nurses, flight attendants – who are working round the clock to ensure our safety.

This Sunday, the entire nation got together to show their gratitude to these people by clapping and ringing bells. But are these people really getting the respect they deserve?


On-ground reports show that doctors and those working in the aviation sector are being discriminated against and harrassed by locals. Here are some instances that have come to light.

1. This IndiGo cabin crew member alleged that neighbours have been discriminating against her assuming she has coronavirus.

In the video, the crew member talks about how her neighbours think that she has the disease and try to maintain distance from her and her mother. When she is away for work, her mother is refused groceries in the society.

2. Doctors of MGM Hospital in Warangal were forced out of their homes onto the streets by their landlords.

Several doctors of the hospital share their accounts on social media. They also mentioned how their hostels are being converted into isolation wards and they have to work without proper protective gear and equipment.

3. A video posted on Twitter showed that an Air India crew member was harassed by neighbours in Delhi.

Deccan Herald

4. Doctors and other medical staff around Apollo Hospital in Delhi are being asked to vacate homes by neighbors and landlords.

India Today

5. Air India released a press note stating that their crew members & staff are being discriminated by landlords & Resident Welfare Association on suspicion of coronavirus.


6. A Mumbai-based AI crew member has been asked by her society to look for alternate accommodation.

In a letter to her seniors at Air India, she wrote:

Is working for a national carrier and getting back our people safely back home a crime? My society called up my husband to inform me that we should move out and manage something elsewhere as a precautionary measure. I can understand the panic around. But we definitely don’t deserve this kind of mental harassment.
India Today

7. Houses of some of the AI crew members were stamped as ‘Quarantined’ by health authorities.

According to a crew member in Delhi, he found this placard in front of his house.

India Today

8. A doctor from Lucknow shared how his junior is being asked to vacate the house by the landlord.

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It’s sad to see people discriminating against the front-line fighters. We shouldn’t forget that we are safe because they are doing their job with dedication and selflessness.