Putting an entire country under lockdown is not an easy thing to do. The economy suffers unimaginably and ultimately, shops have to be opened, flights have to be started.

That doesn’t mean, though, that things are normal and the virus doesn’t exist anymore. A lot of us don’t quite understand that. Here are instances of Indians forgetting about all social distancing rules as the lockdown gets relaxed across the country.

1. People rushing to leave the plane, totally forgetting about the concept of social distancing.

2. Hundreds lining up to buy alcohol the day wine shops were opened.

3. People coming out in large numbers, leading to endless traffic jams.

4. Mumbai residents going for a walk even as the number of cases soar in Maharashtra.

5. People back to forgetting what distancing or a queue means.

6. Commuters at Howrah bus stop gathering to board a bus after lockdown relaxation.

Hindustan Times

7. Hundreds gathering for the unveiling ceremony of Maharana Pratap’s statue in Rajasthan.

8. All the norms thrown into air to greet TDP Chief Chandra Babu Naidu.

9. RWAs planning to hold ‘corona-themed’ parties to celebrate easing of lockdown.


10. Body builders protesting as gyms remain one of the places still not allowed to open. They did so by doing push-ups on the road (while it’s understandable that they are frustrated because of the losses, this is no way to express it).

Have we still not understood what the word ‘pandemic’ means?