If there’s one thing we can do to protect ourselves from coronavirus, it’s social distancing. A latest study by ICMR also estimated that India may be able to reduce its COVID-19 cases by as much as 62% if social distancing and quarantines are strictly observed.


While the government is trying its best to enforce rules with regard to social distancing, it is up to us to practice them religiously.

Over the last few days, people across the country are doing their bit in maintaining a safe distance from others around. Here are some instances.

1. People queued up at safe distances outside an alcohol shop in Kerala. 

2. A shopkeeper in Kerala is using an innovative technique to maintain a safe distance with the customers while selling essential supplies.

3. People stood in circles marked at a safe distance while waiting for their turn to buy groceries at a shop in Gujarat.

4. People practised social distancing by standing at designated points while buying essentials at a supermarket in Mundra.

5. Milk suppliers stood at a distance of 1 metre while buying milk from a dairy in Gujarat.

6. People in Nadiad, Maharashtra, are following social distancing without anyone asking them to do so.

7. Vegetable markets are being organised in open grounds in Guntakal so that people can stand apart from each other and the place doesn’t get crowded.

8. People lined up on a foothpath at safe distances from each other while buying essential supplies in Meghalaya.

9. People are maintaining distance from each other even at the police stations in Tiruppur.

10. Coimbatore has marked all its essential service outlets, including ATMs, in a way that people can stand at a distance.

11. A shopkeeper at a store in Tamil Nadu is using a cylindrical pipe to transfer the supplies to the customers.

12. People in Shimla queued up on roads on designated markings outside the grocery stores.

It is heartwarming to see that people are following the advisories and taking social distancing seriously.