The clashes, riots and violence in North East Delhi have left the capital city burning and people scared for their lives. Latest reports suggest that 20 people have lost their lives in the riots and over 150 have been injured.


Amidst all the hatred, chaos and violence, some instances of unity, love and brotherhood have emerged from the riot-infested areas in Delhi.

1. Residents of Yamuna Vihar formed a human chain to ensure that school children are escorted safely amidst violence.

In the absence of police, civilians of the area decided to protect school children and formed a human chain to ensure their safe passage.

2. Gurdwaras in certain parts of Delhi have opened their doors to Muslims and other affected people who need shelter.

Like always, the Sikh community has come forward to help those in need in these times of crisis.

3. In Seelampur, the Dalit community blocked routes leading to Muslim localities and prevented the entry of rioters in their houses.


4. In Ramesh Park area, Hindus and Sikhs assured their Muslim brethren that they would stand with them if rioters tried to create trouble.

CNN journalist Uday Singh Rana tweeted about this piece of good news.

5. In Lalita Park area also, Hindus and Sikhs went to their Muslim brothers’ homes and assured them of their safety.

India Today

6. According to a Twitter user, Hindus in his neighbourhood were guarding his house to make the family feel safe.

7. A local BJP ward councillor from Yamuna Vihar came forward to help a Muslim family and saved their house from being torched by a mob.

According to a report by India Today, the mob set ablaze a Muslim family’s car and bike in Yamuna Vihar and also torched their tenant’s boutique. This is when a local BJP ward councillor, who is also a long-time friend of the family, came to the rescue and prevented the mob from causing further damage to the family or their property.

India Today

8. Reports suggest that residents of Yamuna Vihar wielded sticks and lathis to guard the region from outsiders.

Residents of Yamuna Vihar united against all the divisive and communal elements and protected the area from outsiders who were trying to cause ruckus.

9. In Bajrangbali Mohalla in Maujpur, locals came together and took their Muslim brethren into the Bajrang Bali Temple, asking them not to be scared.

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// The Need of the Hour // Among the violent reports from across Delhi came a small video as a ray of hope. In Bajrangbali Moholla in Maujpur, locals came together and took Muslim men, women and children into the Bajrang Bali Temple. “Tum kyun darr rahe ho, ye to tumhaara hi moholla hai, JAHIL thode hi hai hum unki tareh” a man said while letting them in. This is what needs to be done show your True Hinduism by helping the ones in need, open your eyes, hearts and houses for the ones in need. Sankat Mochan Jai Hanuman that’s the version of Bajrang Bali we as Hindus need to associate to. Bajrang Dal is nothing but a fraud, terrorist organization which uses your God’s name to do evil. | repost @theconsocius

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A man in the video can be heard saying:

Tum kyun darr rahe ho, ye to tumhaara hi moholla hai, jahil  thode hi hai hum unki tarah.

These instances of people of one community opening their hearts and houses for others give us hope and faith even in difficult times and make us believe that humanity isn’t lost yet.