Money can't buy you happiness. I heard this quote a hundred times as a kid, before reading it another hundred times as an adult. 

Now, while I do think that fundamentally this statement is true, the current scenario has forced me (us) to look at things that money CAN buy. An example, here, would be life

The difference between the rich and the poor is growing every day and it is more evident now than it has ever been. Here are a few examples.

1. Kangana Ranaut given Y-plus security by the central government.

kangana y plus security
Source: India TV

Meanwhile farmers get lathicharged by the police for protesting. 

farmers beaten up
Source: Hindustan Times

2. Amit Shah admitted to the hospital for COVID-related complications AFTER testing negative.

ait shah admitted to the hospital
Source: Times of India

While a woman loses her father to COVID after a government hospital allegedly refuses to admit him. 

man loses life after being turned down by hospital
Source: The Wire/Image for Representation

3. Wealthy people ready to splurge millions to move from India to other nations.

Wealthy people ready to splurge millions to move from India to other nations
Source: Times of India

At a time when migrant workers walk to their respective cities on foot. 

migrant workers walking back home on foot
Source: Al Jazeera

4. Crores being spent on the accommodation and quarantine facilities of IPL players.

ipl team players
Source: News8 Plus

As slum dwellers struggle to maintain basic social distance owing to lack of space. 

people living in slums, India
Source: CNN

5. Rich getting richer at a rate from pre-independence time, which is seen as a 'big problem'.

In a country where 21 million people lost salaried jobs between April and August.

unemployment in india
Source: Tribune

So you see, from social justice to security and from food to medical treatment. There is inequality everywhere and it is the responsibility of everyone in a position of privilege to bridge the gap.