While the deadly second wave of the pandemic has just ended (still not over though), our easy-going attitude towards the coronavirus still remains the same. 

And, these instances go on to prove just that. 

1. As soon as lockdown restrictions eased in many states after the second wave, hundreds of cars lined up to enter Himachal Pradesh on 14th June. 

Indians just can’t keep calm!

2. When lockdown restrictions were eased in Delhi after almost 2 months, Delhiites couldn’t stop themselves from venturing out. And, this pic outside Rajiv Chowk Metro Station is proof. 

Why, you ask?! Even Chellum Sir doesn’t have an answer to this question.

3. Just as lockdown restrictions were eased in Delhi, people rushed to the markets like there’s no tomorrow. Look at this picture of Sarojini Nagar Market.

After months of sitting at home one would like to think that Indians have gotten used to this new routine but, we are obviously wrong. 


4. You’d think that people have become more cautious after the deadly second wave of Covid-19 but, this picture of an overcrowded Sardar Bazaar market in Delhi is telling us a different story altogether. 

Abhi shopping karna zyada zaroori hai kya?


5. People have been rushing to malls despite being warned of the third wave if proper precautions are not taken. This picture is from a shopping mall in Kakinada.

How about doing online shopping and avoid stepping out for non-essential items? 


6. Amid the second wave of Covid, hundreds of women took out a religious procession to keep ‘Covid away’ in Gujarat on 6th May when the lockdown was imposed. 

Oh the irony!

7. When another lockdown was announced in Delhi amid the second wave, people rushed to wine shops in large numbers and social distancing went for a toss. 



8. This what the crowd in Mumbai locals looked like during the month of February when Covid cases were on the rise in Maharashtra. 

Pandemic? What pandemic?


9. Despite the imposition of complete lockdown, people in Maharashtra’s Nagpur were seen jogging, walking and exercising outdoors in March 2021.

Why, God why?

10. Hundreds flouted lockdown rules and took part in a funeral procession of a horse in Karnataka in May 2021 when the second wave of Covid hit India. 

Was it really necessary? Definitely not. 

Time for a positive change in attitude?!