Students and teachers of Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi were attacked by a masked mob armed with sticks and rods on 5th January. Nationwide student protests have erupted after the brutal attack on university students and students are standing in solidarity with the JNU students.

Here's how the international media reported the violent attack and damaging of public property at JNU.

1. BBC

Source: BBC

2. Gulf News

Source: Gulf News

3. Al Jazeera

Source: aljazeera

4. The New York Times

Source: NYT

5. Bloomberg

Source: Bloomberg

6. The Guardian

Source: The Guardian

7. The Washington Post

Source: The Washington Post

8. Khaleej Times

Source: Khaleej Times

9. Japan Times

Source: Japan Times

The wave of protests has reached other countries too, with students at Oxford also protesting against the attack.

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