Devalla Revathi, the chairperson of Andhra Pradesh Vaddera Corporation manhandled an employee when her vehicle was stopped at Kaza toll plaza on Thursday. 

The YSRCP leader who was on her way to Vijayawada picked an argument with the toll plaza staff and tried to pass through the side gate which is meant for the passage of vehicles exempted from toll fee. The incident was taped on video where she was seen removing barricades.  

In the now viral video, the toll staff of the Kaza toll plaza requested her to stop, but there was no stopping the YSRCP leader’s sense of entitlement. She kept arguing and even slapped an employee.   

Twitter was enraged with Revathi’s attitude and entitlement. They spoke about it on Twitter.     

However, after the video was release, Revathi stated that it was her who was harrased for half an hour and the toll plaza staff misbehaved with her.