A new video that has come to light, showing a Pakistani influencer using a lioness as a prop at a party, is drawing some serious flak across the internet, and rightfully so. In the video, influencer see Susan Khan can be seen petting a lion at her birthday party. 

The Pakistani influencer from Lahore celebrated her birthday this month and her celebrations are criticized by the masses here’s why.  

In the disturbing visuals the wild animal is seen lying on the coach surrounded by people with loud music in the background. The lioness looks sedated and is kept on a leash. 

Soon after the video was uploaded, people have begun to raise alarm, with a petition doing the rounds to stop using wildlife as props. 
It’s time we stop this and take immediate action against this cruelty. Here’s your link to sign the petition.


The issue has enraged the internet. 

Enslaving animals, chaining them up, and using them as props is NEVER okay; no matter who we are and what our privileges may be.