Yesterday, the entire nation stood in solidarity to protest against the controversial CAA. Despite the imposition of section 144 in various cities, the number of protestors that filled every nook and corner of the nation was breathtaking.  

As the residents of Bengaluru were protesting in front of Townhall and refused to leave, DCP Chetan Singh Rathore calmly spoke to the protesters about mob mentality, instead of breaking into a brutal lathi-charge.

Asian Net News

After that, as a heartfelt measure of trust-building, he requested the protestors to join him for the national anthem, if they believed him. Here’s a video of the protesters singing the national anthem with Bengaluru’s DCP.  

The protesters dispersed from Townhall after this, Twitter is moved by DCP Rathore’s heartwarming and calm gesture:

DCP Rathore’s patience and crowd management skills are very commendable.