The second wave of Covid has changed lives all across the country. As hospital beds and medicines prove to be scarce, healthcare workers are working day and night to protect those who have been infected.

One such example is this story of two doctors from Gujarat, who merely hours after their mothers passed away, were back to their duties to save lives. 


After losing her mother at 3.30 am, Dr Shilpa Patel, working at state-run SSG Hospital in Vadodara, was back to perform her duty, just 6 hours later. Her mother passed away after a week of battling with Covid in the ICU. In her own words, “duty before everything else”. Dr Shilpa also mentioned that her mother insisted she concentrate on saving her patients. 

India Today

In another part of the city, Dr Rahul Parmar cremated his 67-year-old mother and rushed back to the hospital. She died of age-related issues but Dr Rahul, who is an essential part of the Covid care team in the Preventive and Social Medicine Department at SSG, didn’t have time to grieve. 

Twitter is lauding their bravery and self-sacrifice in this time of need. 

Help those in need, stay home and stay safe.