Peculiar things are happening all over the Internet and generation Y is going crazy after this new TikTok challenge that is trending. #TrippingJumpChallenge aka #SkullBreakerChallenge may not be the first but surely is the weirdest challenge so far.

Three people stand in a row. Those who are standing on the sides, jump followed by the person who is standing in the middle. While this person in the center jumps, he is kicked on his legs by the other two people, thus making him fall on his back. One can hurt their spine and brain severely by performing such activity.

Baffled by this weird trend, people from around the globe took to Twitter to share their concerns regarding the consequences of the same.

It is frightening to see the intensity of impact that social media has caused. Parents are perturbed after hearing reports about people getting severely injured and are showing concern for their kids. Attempts are being made to spread awareness regarding the same through social media.

We truly hope that people understand the severity of this activity and try not to get involved in such brainless trends.