The protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act turned aggresive on Sunday, 15th December after it took a violent turn at the Jamia Milia Islamia University. Many got injured in the clash between the Delhi Police and students. 

While the authorities have been relentless and apathetic towards these students, a Sikh man named Jabarjan Singh extended help to them by serving chai and samosas to these protesters.      

In an exclusive interview with The Quint, he mentions that he’s come to help the protesters all the way from Bhatinda, Punjab and is ready to serve his life for this country, if the need arises.  

He adds that the government shouldn’t have given a chance to these students to leave their studies and protest in lieu of this ‘black law’ that they have initiated. 


He also emphasizes on the fact that one shouldn’t differentiate based on one’s religion. Whether a person is a Muslim or Christian, there is no religion for a person who needs help. 

He urges people from every religion to take part in this protest and unite against an ‘unfair and wrong’ Act like CAA. 

The Quint

Netizens have been appreciating his service as well. 

Due to the tense situation, the University has announced winter vacations until 5th January 2020 and has postponed the ongoing varsity exams.  

H/T: The Quint