Whether you work in a private sector or public sector, it’s one’s choice to help the society in one way or another. Here is one police officer who is an inspiration for all us. In any country, a police force is responsible for providing the citizens with a sense of safety and security while maintaining peace and order and detecting crime in a society. But this officer went beyond the call of his job for a worthy cause.

Meet Ake Ravi Krishna. He is an IPS officer working as the Superintendent of Police of Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh’s Rayalseema region. He has written and sung a song to encourage people to donate their eyes after death. This great gesture has inspired around 1.5 lakh people to sign up for eye donation till now.

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He is spreading awareness about organ donation with his song among people, especially in rural areas. The target which was for one lakh eye donors has already been exceeded with 1.5 lakh donors, reported The Telegraph.

Not only this, officer Krishna is also responsible for transforming a village which was once known for killings into a peaceful society. Moved by the pathetic situation, he adopted the village called Kapatrala and changed the fate of the villagers with his relentless efforts, reported India Herald.


IPS officer Ake Ravi Krishna is such an inspiration that he often gets mobbed by people of the area. Fan videos, selfies, and what not. His admirers have even started a Facebook page in his name to give regular updates of his deeds to the general public. 


Watch the video below:


Hats off to you, sir!