Lakshay Pandey, an IPS officer shared some tips on Twitter for candidates appearing for this year’s UPSC civil service exams.

And, it’s worth checking out. 

He offered candidates some very simple yet effective tips. He stated that according to his personal experience self-study is better than any coaching. He also said using minimum books and doing maximum revision is key.

He requests students to avoid taking coaching classes or online tests and he also told candidates to avoid referring to multiple sources. Instead, he stressed on the importance of reading the newspaper daily for at least 60 minutes.

He also posted a few pictures of pages from his notebook where he noted down key tips all aspiring candidates must keep in mind and prioritizing quality over quantity was one of them.

Pandey briefly discusses how candidates must tackle subjects of priority like economics, history, geography etc. And, he also encourages candidates to take a lot of tests at home.

Aspiring candidates on social media thanked him for his guidance. 

Apart from these tips, he tells candidates to get enough sleep, spend time with friends and family, to take part in outdoor activities and to use Facebook and Instagram in moderation. 

Currently, Pandey is an Assistant Commissioner of Police (UT) in Delhi.