While most of us are sitting in the comfort of our homes due to the lockdown, there are many out there who aren’t as privileged and lucky as we are.

Doctors, nurses, health workers and others working in essential services are still working round the clock to make sure we are safe and sound, across the globe.

And, we might not seem to realise this but, they aren’t even getting a chance to meet their own families and spend time with them in these difficult times. 


This ongoing lockdown and pandemic has really turned our lives upside down but, let’s not forget, those working in the frontline are the ones who are the most affected.  

And, to give you a better perspective on what we are saying, here are some mindful illustrations, made by a 39-year-old Iranian artist, named Alireza Pakdel, that highlight the world’s current scenario and show how our heroes are battling the invisible enemy (coronavirus) that has claimed more than 64,000 lives and infected more than 12 lakh people, globally.  

These illustrations show how doctors, policemen, firemen and nurses are sacrificing their own lives to save ours. Clearly, they are the real heroes working in the frontline and we must respect them for all their efforts.  

Pakdel, in his illustrations masterfully highlights the power of solidarity, empathy, and protection for one another. Here are some of his best creations, to give you a better understanding of what the world around us looks like right now. 

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کارتون جدیدم بمناسبت فرارسیدن سال جدید …🌿امیدوارم این سال ،سالی همراه با سلامتی و تندرستی برای تمام مردم دنیا و مردم کشورم باشه همینطور سال جدید تبریک میگم به کادر درمان فداکار کشورم که در سال جدید هم پای کار هستند و همینطور بیماران و خانواده های که به این بیماری گرفتار شده اند آرزوی سلامتی برای تمامی این عزیزان.لطفا این کار و به اشتراک بگذارید تا برسه به دست این عزیزان. #کادر_درمان #کادر_درمانی_قهرمانان_این_روزهای_ایران #بیماران #کرونا #کرونادرایران #کرونا_ویروس #کرونا_در_ایران #درخانه_میمانیم #درخانه_بمانیم #نوروز #سال #ایران #بیمارستان #بیمار

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