External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj visited Iran on Friday and Saturday, during which she met top Iranian government representatives. But a photo of the meeting that her ministry uploaded on Twitter has created a massive storm. 

Before you see the photo in question, a look at how the visit unfolded:

A confident and beaming Swaraj leaves for the diplomatic tour

She lands in Iran’s capital Tehran on Friday

She is greeted by officials

She meets her Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif and Irani President Hassan Rouhan. And thenall hell breaks loose

This photo of Swaraj, her head covered, almost instantly attracted strong, angry reactions. From her earlier images, it appears that Swaraj had wrapped a pink shawl over her head, but people decided it was a rida – a coloured hijab – that she was wearing. 

Some Twitterati were completely unforgiving and slammed Swaraj

Others pointed out it might not be a hijab in the first place

But others rightly pointed out that the minister was just respecting local culture

We still don’t know what Swaraj was actually wearing, but one thing is clear: there was far more interest in her wardrobe than what came of her visit. And that’s a pity.