The Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway is a 28 km (17 mi) long access-controlled toll expressway connecting Delhi, the national capital of India and Gurgaon, an important satellite city of Haryana. The roads are wide and smooth, the drive is usually pleasant for most part. But all this changes for the worse as soon as we hit the toll plaza. With queues sometime as long as a Kilometre, these pictures show why this toll road is probaby the worst in the world. And only because of the damn toll.

The queue sometimes run upto a Kilometre resulting in stoppage time of over an hour.

The usual scene during rush hours.

Yes! This happens too every once in a while.

And this happens everytime it rains.

A lot of them don’t make it on time for their meetings.

And a few of them have to leave from home earlier than usual to avoid heavy traffic (which not always works).

The worst part. Everyone has to do this twice a day, every weekday.

Those who can avoid these hours please do: 9 to 10.30 in the morning and then 6.30 to 9 in the evening.

Driving on the toll road should be like this.

But because of this damn toll gate…

It ends up being like this.

Images from Times of India, intoday, dailymail, cargomover and HT gurgaon Facebook page.