If dogs are humans’ best friends, then surely they deserve all the love in the world. And often children are the purest and most selfless givers of love and affection, especially for their furry friends. Us adults could learn a thing or two from them. And, we could totally learn a thing or two from this eight-year-old and his love for his doggo. 


Bryson Kliemann, from Lebanon, Virginia made the decision to sell his Pokémon collection in order to save his four-month-old dog from a deadly virus. He and his mother Kimberly Woodruff noticed that their cute pooch wasn’t eating enough or getting out of his crate much, and decided to get him checked by a vet. 

Twitter/ @_JustinLundyTV

The vet ended up diagnosing Bruce with parvo, which is a serious virus and required immediate treatment. Unfortunately, the treatment’s cost was $700, which the family could not afford. That’s when Bryson started selling his Pokémon cards for between five to ten dollars. 

Twitter/ @_JustinLundyTV

Eventually though, when news and posts of his heartfelt efforts went viral on social media, random people began donating for Bruce’s treatment. The eight-year-old’s mother set up a GoFundMe account where people could donate and ultimately, the family ended up with about $15,000 instead of what they’d initially hoped for. 


Bryson’s mom thanked everyone for donating and sending so much love after Bruce came back from a successful procedure on the 10th of May! She also mentioned that Bruce is happily recovering at home, and is on his way to being healthy as ever now. Not only this, but The Pokémon Company has also sent Bryson a rare collection of Pokémon cards as a way to reward him for his grand gesture! 

How cute is Bryson’s love for Bruce!