There’s something about UPSC in India that gets everyone talking, be it the results, success stories or failures.

The thing is anyone who’s been even slightly good at studies in high school or university, would have been told by their parents to appear for UPSC CSE at least once without realising that the requirements for UPSC are quite different.

Not everyone enjoys preparing for the exam because honestly it’s tough. For most people it’s the societal and family pressure that makes them give a shot.

It’s quite common to think if UPSC is worth all the hype and someone on Reddit did the same. Like I said, anything and everything about UPSC gets people talking. Netizens had opinions about this too.

From aspirants who had been in the preparation under pressure to those who know the financial perks of being a government officer, there are people who think UPSC is not really worth all the hype.

Then there are others who believe it depends on your attitude and why you started the preparation in the first place. That’s what makes it worth the hype.

It’s true that the exam is tough. The preparation might also take a toll on your mental and physical health. But whether its worthy or not depends on what you want in life. Just remember, life goes on with or without UPSC. 

What are your thoughts?