The Islamic State displayed its brutality yet again by executing journalist Ruqia Hassan, an independent citizen journalist. 

Hassan who was well known under the pseudonym ‘Nisan Ibrahim’ on social media was given the capital punishment on the charges of espionage, reported Syria Direct.

b’A file photo of Ruqia Hassan | Source: Twitter’

Hassan, who used to write about life under IS rule in Syria through her personal Facebook page was also a member of the human rights organisation named Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS). 

Abu Mohammed, founder of RBSS, on Saturday, January 2, tweeted Hassan’s last words:

However, the exact date of the execution is yet to be ascertained. It has been presumed that she might have been killed at some point between July and December as she had stopped reporting on July 21, 2015. 

One of her posts dated July 20 reads,”Go ahead and cut off the internet, our messenger pigeons won’t complain.”

The organisation has been maintaining a very brutal stance against journalists and social activists. 

According to a November 5, 2015 report by Daily Signal, 48 media professionals were abducted and killed since July 2014 in the city of Mosul. 

Naji Jerf, the editor-in-chief of the independent monthly Hentah who was also an activist with RBSS, was executed by the ISIS in December 2015. He had documented human rights violations committed by ISIS in Raqqa, reported The Independent.

(Feature image source: Twitter)