India has the largest Muslim population in the world but ISIS had been unable to establish itself in the country, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Saturday. Singh was giving a report card of his ministry on the completion of three years of the Narendra Modi government.

“We have strived to provide security for the nation, with full responsibility,” he said at a press conference.

b’Rajnath Singh/Source: PTI’

He said 90 ISIS sympathisers had been arrested across the country. Singh said ISIS and Ansar Ul Ammah have been included in the list of terrorist organisations.

According to the minister, there had been a 25 per cent reduction in Naxal attacks in 2014-17 as compared to 2011-14 (UPA tenure). He also said three years of NDA government had seen a 42 per cent reduction in deaths in Naxal attacks as compared to last three years of the UPA.

Singh said there was 45 per cent reduction in infiltration from Pakistan in the six months post-surgical strike at the Line of Control in September last year as compared to the corresponding period previous year.

The minister said the government would put an end to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and ensure peace in Jammu and Kashmir.