The coronavirus pandemic has caused such a fear in the hearts and minds of people that even The Islamic State (ISIS) has issued an advisory to its operatives to stay the hell out of Europe. 


According to NDTV, the latest issue of the ISIS newsletter, the Al-Naba has pointed out a new set of sharia directives that warns against travelling Europe. 

New York Post

The terrorist organisation has also asked its operatives to not leave the region if they were found to be infected. The newsletter says that the ‘healthy should not enter the land of the epidemic and the afflicted should not exit from it’. It also asks the readers to ‘cover their mouths when yawning and sneezing.’

The Irish Times

Mind you, it’s not just Europe. The Middle East has also been hit by the pandemic, with Iraq reporting 101 cases and 10 deaths from COVID-19.

NBC News

However, Europe is widely considered to be the epicentre of this outbreak with Italy, France and Spain banning all public gatherings and England set to follow the same guidelines after the coronavirus claimed over 5,300 lives around the world.