Key Points

  • UN panel confirms the prevalence of sexual Jihad
  • Yazidi and Christian women abducted and raped as sex slaves
  • Girls as young as 14 years of age sold in auctions

Kurdish officials have reported that ISIS fighters executed 19 women for refusing to take part in ‘sexual Jihad’ with its fighters in Mosul, Iraq. The terrorist organisation had captured hundreds of women belonging to the Yazidi community from Sinjar district in northern Iraq. Zainab Hawa Bangura, a social activist from Sierra Leone, who is also the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, said that ‘girls get peddled like barrels of petrol’ and one can be bought by six different men.

A file photo of Zainab Hawa Bangura | Source: RTE

Here is a document dated October 16, 2014 which is translated from a disturbing ISIS pamphlet by humanitarian and peace prize winner Dr Widad Akrawi which tells about young Yazidi and Christian women abducted and sold as sex slaves:

The price for Yazidi or Christian women between the age of 40 – 50 is $43 (£27) $75 (£48) for 30 to 40-year-olds $86 (£55) for 20 to 30-year-olds $130 (£83) for ten to 20-year-olds $172 (£110) for one to nine-year-olds Customers are allowed to purchase only three items with the exception of customers from Turkey, Syria and Gulf countries.


Zainab Bangura, as reported in Daily Mail, said , “The girls get peddled like barrels of petrol… One girl can be sold and bought by five or six different men. Sometimes these fighters sell the girls back to their families for thousands of dollars of ransom.”

She further added that the best looking Yazidi virgins are sent to depraved slave auctions in Islamic State’s adopted capital of Raqqa in Syria, where they are stripped naked and sold to the highest bidder.

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“They have a machinery… They have a manual on how you treat these women. They have a marriage bureau which organizes all of these ‘marriages’ and the sale of women… They have a price list.” she said, reports the Daily Mail .

Some of the sex slaves who somehow managed to escape from escaped Islamic State’s clutches have revealed gruesome tales of violence and sexual abuse. Some were traded as human cargo and were raped five times a day.

“He raped me about five times a day… My sister was barely 14 when they raped her… I could hear her screaming but I couldn’t do anything as I was tied up” said one of the slaves, about her horrific experiences with the perpetrators.

A file photo of ISIS fighters and its prisoners | Source: Reuters

Amnesty International, a global human rights watchdog states that thousands of women and girls from the Yazidi community have been forced to marry, ‘sold’ or given as ‘gifts’ to Islamic State fighters or their supporters.

The ones who have ‘rescued’ themselves are irreparably traumatised, forcing them to end their own lives. Read more:

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