Every time ISIS uploads videos of gruesome public executions and as it continues its barbaric regime in the heart of middle east, often the strongest voice against them is from the internet.

Social media, rather the internet itself, is a uniquely placed channel of communication and expression. Because it juxtaposes anonymity and protest, anguish and free speech, action and solidarity.

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are mediums of widespread public opinion and social support.

And it looks like the voice of protest has indeed been heard for the ISIS now wants to kill employees of Twitter in retaliation.

Source: Justpaste.it

The terrorist outfit has apparently called for jihadis around the world to kill the employees of Twitter, because of the company’s frequent blocking of ISIS’ media accounts, BuzzFeed reported.

An online post addressed to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey allegedly reads, “Your virtual war on us will cause a real war on you”. The authorship and content of this post remains unverified but it is accompanied with the picture of a gun trained on Dorsey’s face, featured above.

Twitter, like other media platforms, often deletes tweets and videos and suspends accounts suspected of supporting or being affiliated to ISIS.

This being the policy of almost all social media platforms, hacktivist organisations like Anonymous, claim to be working towards wiping ISIS off the internet itself.

Source: milliyet.com.tr

But it is undeniable that the advance of ISIS on the ground has not been stopped. And whatever pieces of land it does ‘control’ reeks of the innocent blood spilled for their so called ‘war’.

Being thrown from buildings, stoned to death, suffering public crucifixion and beheading: these are the remains of a primitive medieval time; signs of the darkest age known to humankind.

And they continue to thrive, and so thrive their vile ways.

Source: Twitter

As the group grows bolder, world leaders fret about geopolitics. While the only cognizable resistance is from the Kurdish forces, the far more stronger forces in the world are holding back because their policies don’t permit them to interfere .

Not to interfere, as the executions get more gruesome and not to interfere, as people continue to be repressed and tortured.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

This abominable group needs to be crushed, needs to be wiped off the internet and from the world. Today they threaten to kill employees of an organisation, tomorrow they will threaten to kill at a much larger scale than they already have.

In fact, their plans for expansio n include Asia, Africa and Europe, as shown below.

Source: rightspeak.net

See your country on the map? Is it under a different name?

ISIS needs to be annihilated for their crimes and brutality. And we will continue to condemn their actions online and offline, no matter the threat.

Because when we choose silence, they win.