Terror group Islamic State has reportedly released an e-book titled “Black flags from the Islamic State’ in which the group has claimed it will be expanding its campaign to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and several other countries.

The manifesto has made several references to India and the country’s political situation.

Here what the e-book says about India

1. The logic behind Islamic State’s claims to expand its war to India and its neighbours has its roots in religious prophecies according to which, there’ll be a global war between believers and non-believers before the arrival of Imam Mahdi (the redeemer). The group believes Mahdi will remove evil from the world which will be followed by the day of judgement.

2. The manifesto which calls Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘President’ of India, describes him as “a right-wing Hindu nationalist who worships weapons and is preparing his people for a future war against Muslims.” 3. In its analysis of the political situation in India, the book claims that there’s a growing Hindu-led movement in India to kill Muslims who eat beef. In a reference to the whole sub-continent, the book points out that there are certain people funding organisations that want to grow a huge following of Islam-haters so that they can fight future wars in their countries.

4. Another remark in the book is about 2008 Mumbai attacks. It says the recent attacks in Paris were based on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in which the ‘Mujahideen’ holding AK-47s and grenades “copied” the Mumbai attacks’ “style of shooting.”

5. Advising Muslims in these countries to migrate to a Muslim country as soon as possible, the group also asks them to take up jihad or settle for humiliation at the hands of foreign rulers. The group also mentions that Muslims will be arrested on “flimsy grounds” and despite being poor, it’ll be ensured that “Muslim terrorists” are stopped.