The Islamic State has, over and over again, proved to be the most barbaric entity that the world has witnessed in modern times, and the group has not surpassed all limits of savagery by ordering a militant to execute his own mother in broad daylight in Raqqa.

Although the incident might sound too cruel even for a terrorist organisation like IS, two prominent sources monitoring the war in Syria have reported that a 21-year-old Islamic State member Ali Saqr condemned his mother and shot her in front of hundreds of people, at a post office where she worked, BBC reported.

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The reason for this act was an argument between the terrorist and his 45-year-old mother Lena al-Qasem, as the woman advised her son to leave the Islamic State capital with her, warning that the US-led coalition will soon destroy the group.

The boy went ahead and revealed his mother’s comments to his superiors in the Islamic State group, and she was arrested, only to be shot in the head later. Meanwhile an activist from Raqqa said that the reason might be the mother’s Alawite roots, as reported by The Washington Post.

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Alawite’s are an offshoot of Shia Islam considered apostates by the Islamic State. The boy who is said to have a Sunni father and Alawite mother, was known for drinking and public brawls, and was the first to join IS when they took over the city.

While it’s not clear whether the execution was filmed like many others, the brutality of the Islamic State has once again managed to shock us out of our torpor.

All images sourced from Reuters