Israel is the only country in the world that ISIS fears, reveals a report by The Independent. Jurgen Todenhofer, first Western journalist to enter the group’s territories and survive has revealed the same in his book, who spent 10 days in the Islamic State last year.

During an interview, Todenhofer claimed that the Islamic outfit believes that they can defeat both US as well as UK troops as they do not lack experience in countering the terrorist approach.

b’Source: Reuters’

He further stated that the ISIS considers the Israelis as very difficult when it comes to countering guerrillas and terrorists. He even went on to say that Israeli forces were considered as ‘a real danger’ by the Islamic group.

However, the terror group has made several threats against Israel and Jewish people in its propaganda videos in the past and their affiliated groups are believed to be active in Gaza.

Here’s why ISIS is wise to fear Israel:

  • Israel doesn’t negotiate. They reject all terrorist demands outright.
  • Israel has used Mossad to carry out covert retaliation against terrorists for decades. The movie ‘Munich’ was not just a work of fiction. They have a simple yet brutal eye-for-an-eye approach.
  • Israel has a regional monopoly on nuclear capability, which adds substantially to their strong deterrent against conventional threats. 
  • The military strength of Israel ranks 11 out of 126 nations, according to a GFP ranking.
  • The total available manpower of Israel is 3,511,190.
  • The number of fighter aircrafts is 242 while the number of armoured vehicles is 10,185. These numbers are proof to the fact that ISIS considers Israel a potential threat.