The novel coronavirus strain is spreading rapidly throughout the world. And the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered a preventive measure to his countrymen. 

At a press conference, the PM advised people to adopt the Indian greeting – Namaste which involves folding hands, instead of shaking them with people.  

Just avoid shaking hands as I do. You can try to implement the Indian system of Namaste or say another word like shalom, but find a way, any way of not shaking hands. 

-Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

As contact with someone who has been infected can put you at risk as well, this preventive measure was shared amongst several other measures that the PM is waiting to announce. 

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We are in the middle of a global epidemic. We have had to take rigorous steps to slow down the spread of the disease in Israel, we have taken select isolation and flight policies and measures for flights.

-Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

The Israel’s Health Ministry has confirmed at least 15 cases of coronavirus. Worldwide, deaths due to Covid-19 have crossed 3,000