ISRO Chairman K Sivan has already won the admiration of all Indians after the effort he and his team put into the Chandrayan 2 mission. Quite recently, he was also seen on board an Indigo flight in the economy class.

K Sivan
Source: Twitter

As he boarded the flight, the crew recognised him and started taking selfies with him. The humble man that he is also obliged them and shook their hands as they made conversation.ย 

K Sivan
Source: Times of India

A video of the said event has also gone viral on social media.

As he turned to get to his seat, he was greeted with thunderous applause from his fellow passengers on the flight.ย 

K Sivan
Source: YouTube

People on Twitter have since been applauding the response he received on the plane.ย 

Well, what can we say? It's just heartening to see scientists being recognised and honoured by the general public of this country.ย