After its unsuccessful attempt to land a probe on Moon earlier this year, ISRO is all geared up to launch Chandrayaan-3.

According to a report by TOI, the space agency has started working on the new lunar mission to be launched by November 2020.

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These reports further suggest that multiple committees comprising an overall panel and three sub-committees and have held at least four high-level meetings since October.

The orbiter of Chandrayaan-2 has been functioning well and has also released the pictures of the Moon. Therefore, ISRO will only be building a new rover and a lander, this time.


Earlier this month, ISRO Chief, K Sivan assured everyone that the agency will soon launch another mission to the Moon. Speaking to media, he said:

Let me assure that ISRO will pull all its experience, knowledge and technical prowess to set things right and demonstrate soft landing in near the future. On the technology part yes, we could not achieve a soft landing, but all the systems functioned until 300 metres from the moon’s surface. Very valuable data is available to set things right.

ISRO has already started looking into aspects like site selection, absolute navigation and local navigation and hopefully we’ll have a successful landing this time.