There’s been a furore recently over the Indian government claiming it had no data on the key consequences of the lockdown. Despite the presence of video evidence, personal accounts, and various other proofs on loss of life and livelihood, they have stated there is no data available. This has even led to condemnation by India’s medical association, as many hard-working doctors have lost their lives as well. Here are the things the government has no data on during this monsoon session.

1. Migrant workers who returned home during the lockdown.


2. Migrant workers who lost their lives during the lockdown period. 

Media reports themselves confirmed at least 110 migrants workers died, and that number is a serious undercount as it’s just a fraction of the real fatality rate.

The Logical Indian

3. Whether the government provided any compensation or economic assistance to the families of migrants who lost their lives.

Economic Times

4. Migrant workers who lost their jobs due to covid.

The Hindu

5. Migrants workers who were forced to walk home due to no transport arrangement by the government.

CS Monitor

6. Job losses in the automobile industry due to covid. Millions are suspected to have lost their livelihoods in the auto sector. 


7. No data on the number of doctors and healthcare workers who lost their lives during the pandemic.

The Indian Medical Association raised their voice against this callous statement, and said at least 382 doctors had lost their lives to covid. They also shamed the government for not caring about frontline workers, despite all the thali-banging.


8. The Ministry of Rural Development stated it had no data on economic losses in rural areas due to covid 19.

The Wire

9. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said there is no data on the loss of jobs in the tourism sector, which is one of the hardest-hit industries due to covid.

The tourism sector has visibly suffered massive loss of revenue and jobs.


10. The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare said there is no data on losses suffered by farmers during the pandemic.


11. No data on closure of MSMEs due to covid. 

Indian Express

12. No data on the number of plasma banks in the country, which provide plasma therapy to covid patients.

Economic Times

13. No data on the number of police personnel who died of covid.


14. No data on student suicides during the lockdown.

Bangalore Mirror

The lack of information has sparked outrage among the public, who are accusing the government of being insensitive.