The internet witnessed people from across the country who forgot the basic precautionary method of social distancing as liquor shops in many states re-opened during the nation-wide lockdown. 

In other news, a person in Bengaluru shopped for alcohol worth Rs 52,841 to stock up his bar during the lockdown. 

Now I don't mean to be cheap but that is literally more money than I have in my bank account right now and I don't even have any alcohol to drown my broke-ass sorrows in. 

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But, according to reports, the Karnataka excise department has booked a case against the owner of the wine shop for selling more liquor than permitted by the law.

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Bengaluru's South Excise Deputy Commissioner A. Giri who's investigating this incident revealed: 

Preliminary investigation revealed that 17.4 litres of IML was sold against the permissible limit of 2.3 litres and 35.1 litres of beer against the legal limit of 18.2 litres. 

Twitterati can't wrap their minds around this exorbitant bill: 

Even though the shop owner claims that the liquor was purchased by a group of seven people, it is still more than my CTC.