A tea seller from Rajasthan has been summoned by the income tax department for paying Rs 1.5 crore as dowry for his six daughters at their wedding on April 4, reports the Times of India. 

In a video that went viral on social media earlier this week, Leela Ram Gujjar is seen counting the bundles of notes in a loud voice in the presence of wedding guests and then handing them over to the families of the grooms. 


The I-T department served a notice on Gujjar on Tuesday, asking him to explain the source of his earnings. Gujjar, who has also been asked to produce documents pertaining to his income, did not show up and is untraceable since the weddings took place. 

At the ceremony in Kotputli area of Jaipur district, Gujjar married off six of his daughters and four of them were allegedly minors. Sub divisional magistrate Suresh Chaoudhary told Hindustan Times that Gujjar had printed wedding cards for just two of his elder daughters, but the four minor girls were also reportedly married at the April 4 ceremony.

Police are now on a lookout for Gujjar and his family. 

(Feature image source: Screengrab)