The industry all-rounder as he is often described – given he can direct, act, write and sing – Farhan Akhtar feels Lakshya‘s failure was such a big disappointment that it took him a year to recover from the blow. 

“I realised you don’t get marks for trying..I wasn’t prepared for it,” he told Anupama Chopra in an interview recently. 

In a candid chat, Akhtar, who though is known for his path-breaking directorial debut with Dil Chahta Hai (2001), reveals that it was well a decade ago that he first tried his hand at filmmaking. 

Few might be aware of this, but Akhtar, who turns 42 today, worked as assistant director – uncredited – in the Anil Kapoor and Sridevi-starrer Lamhe (1991). The film was penned by his mother Honey Irani.

He spoke about it and admitted it was an experience that actually got him interested in direction. 

“It took me really long to find my voice on the set,” he recalls.

Akhtar also recalled a hilarious incident from his childhood when he placed a water tub on his mother (Honey Singh)’s bed and bathed just to teach sister Zoya a lesson!

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