Everyone dreams about owning their own house. But with the constant rising price of properties everywhere, it does just seem like a dream. 

But what if we tell you can own a house in Italy for just $1 each? 

That’s right! A town known as Bisaccia which is just over 80 miles from Naples is putting out 90 houses in the market for just $1. This is happening so that people can leave their old life behind and start afresh.  


According to the town’s deputy mayor, Francesco Tartaglia, this step is being taken because the alignment of the houses are very communal. 

We face a very particular situation here. The abandoned [area] spreads throughout the most ancient part of the village. Forsaken houses are clustered together, one next to the other along the same roads. Some even share a common entrance.That’s why we welcome families, groups of friends, relatives, people who know each other or investors to join forces. We encourage them to buy more than just one house to actually have an impact and breathe new life.

Reports mention that the buyers can purchase the houses directly from the town as local authorities own them.  

They will also have to renovate the dilapidated homes themselves which will not include an investment level or time frame as opposed to other such previous deals.    


This is not the first time a town in Italy has put a dirt cheap deal like this in the market. The town of Sambuca in Sicily too had a similar deal last year.