A sharp surge in the number of cases of people infected with the coronavirus has led to a situation of panic and fear across the world. In India too, the number of confirmed cases increased to 112 as of 15th March.

State governments across the country have ordered public spaces like malls, schools and colleges to remain closed till 31st March as a precautionary measure. But not everyone is serious about the situation. People are still travelling and going out with friends, thinking that the virus can’t get them, or maybe the situation isn’t that serious.

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Amid this, a Twitter thread explaining the seriousness of the situation is going viral. The thread is for all those people who think that it isn’t a big deal because their country haven’t seen enough number of cases.

Inputs in the above thread have been taken from an Italian citizen. All of us know that Italy has been under quarantine for days now. The entire country is shut with the exception of pharmacies and food stores.

But it wasn’t the same to start with. Things were normal in Italy too and it was just a flu, with only the elderly people at the risk.


Gradually, the number of cases began to increase. Some cities were also put into quarantine. But most people thought that it’s not in our city, so why to worry?

Then, one day, suddenly the number of cases of COVID-19 increased and about 25% of Italy was under quarantine.

People were still not getting the seriousness of the situation. And then it became a national health emergency.

It was chaotic everywhere. There were no masks, no doctors, shortage of doctors and nurses and even hospitals.


Even then, there were people who thought it was completely okay to go out with friends to restaurants and bars.

The situation escalated very quickly. From nothing to a pandemic, it got worse with each passing day.

The Twitter user asks everyone to follow necessary precautions if the virus has started spreading in your area. There’s nothing like it won’t, it can’t get you.

Folks, stay safe!