In a year plagued by a plague, literally, among other things, like locusts, murder hornets, oil spills, fucking mssive cyclones, it is probably not a good idea to make a submerged ghost tow resurface. Unfortunately, the Italians aren’t reading this article. 


And hence, a 12th-century Italian village submerged underwater for more than 25 years could soon see the light of day again.


Fabbriche di Careggine, in Lucca province, Tuscany, had been flooded in 1946 to build a dam and the Lake Vagli. While it does resurface every once in a while, the village has not been seen since 1994, when the dam was last emptied.

Times of India

Submerged under 34 million cubic meters of water, the still-intact village includes stone houses, a bridge, a cemetery and the San Teodoro church etc. according to CNN, this resurfacing has happened only four times- 1958, 1974, 1983 and 1994.

But now the lake could be emptied once more- 27 years after it was last drained to reveal the village. 


Lorenza Giorgi, daughter of former mayor of the local municipality Ilio Domenico Giorgi spoke about the lake and said: 

The last time it was emptied was in 1994 when my father was mayor and thanks to his efforts and to the numerous initiatives that with great efforts, was able to set up the entire town of Vagli and was able to welcome more than 1 million people.

It’s definitely good for tourism but then, so was travel, once upon a time. I mean, it’s 2020. Fucking Satan is already working overtime. Why do you want to give him performance enhancement drugs? WHY? 


Look, it’s simple. Every bad idea in the world has originated from Europe. Racism? Yes, Colonisation? Yes, bland-ass food? Yes. Twilight movies? You’re god damn right, yes! So, why would you risk it? 

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