A 17-year-old girl in Delhi is raped. Not the first time, possibly not the last. It has been reported enough, talked about enough, condemned enough and protested enough.

Source: ctvnews.ca

Yet, things are only getting worse. A boy, studying in Class 12 of a government school in southwest Delhi raped his classmate, recorded the heinous act and then uploaded it onto porn websites.

Previously, in the Shakti Mills rape case in Mumbai, the accused took photographs of the victim and blackmailed her against reporting them to the cops.

And now, a video is made. Broadcast for the world to see. Further humiliation of an innocent girl.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

The victims of rape are often scarred for life, replaying the nightmares and in the absence of proper support and counselling, live lives of ignominy and shame forced onto them by the narrow-minded society.

And now, the dense maze which is the internet, would never let her blur the ordeal within her memories.

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We ask for more laws, we ask for more sense , we ask for sensitivity, we ask for more responsibility. Yet what remedy do we suggest for the growing perversion of man?

Voyeurism seems to have become commonplace and it is no more just about the act of rape. The desperation to share and feed off of such content is deeply disturbing and merits intervention.

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